Snow Removal

Whether you are looking for high-quality sidewalk, walkway or driveway shoveling and de-icing or street/road snow blowing and plowing in the Southeastern Virginia region, we strive to provide our clients with the greatest value at the best possible price.

Commercial & Residential Services

We have the equipment to clear roads, commercial sites and parking lots.

We don’t just move snow – we can remove it or melt it on the spot.

Leave Salt and Sand Application Up To The Pros.

There are some downsides to improper application of salt and sand on winter surfaces. Salt doesn’t just combat ice, it also corrodes steel (as in cars and bridges) and eats away at concrete sidewalks, parking lots, and roads. It tends to be harsh to any shrubs and grass on which it contacts. For this reason, salt should never be over-applied and it’s best to use a professional for salt application. While none of the salt varieties can be called harmless, they do vary in the degree of damage they cause when used improperly.

Our sidewalk snow shoveling service and sidewalk snow blowing will help keep your family, customers and employees safe and your home and business running smoothly. We only use professional de-icing materials as well as a fleet of trucks, plows, and other equipment to match your needs and keeping sidewalks and walkways clean from snow and ice.

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