Virginia Grounds offers a variety of premium mulches to suit your landscaping needs. We offer delivery and installation to Williamsburg, Yorktown, Newport News and surrounding cities.


Our dyed mulches have been treated with an all natural coloring which is safe and aids in color retention.

Our natural mulches are made from hardwood and pine bark to present a natural rich color.

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Benefits of Mulching

10 of the most important reasons to use mulch:

Deters weed

Reducing the hard work of hand-weeding.

Prevents wind erosion

This protects roots.

Prevents weeds from competing

Decorative plants need nutrients in the soil.

Holding moisture in the soil

Promotes healthier plants.

Feeds the soil

As it gradually breaks down.


Benefits the earth.

Beautifies the landscaping

Creates curb appeal for your property.

Reduces the use of chemicals

All-natural approach to weed-control.

Creates purpose for recycled products

Such as wood cast-offs and tree trimmings.

Protects plants against freezing temperatures

Helps for over-wintering.

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