Lawn Maintenance

We offer lawn maintenance plans and annual contracts for residential or commercial jobs, as well as individual services such as gardening, planting, shrub pruning, irrigation, snow removal, fertilization and other landscaping needs. We can help you improve your yard by enhancing the top soil and by adding some indigenous flowers, plants or trees. Come by and see our new patio display with an outdoor grill and other entertaining garden accessories.

virginia grounds landscape designDesign and Install

Our Landscape Design Services focuses more on the artistic merits of design. We take into account soils, drainage, climate and other issues, because the survival of selected plants depends on those. Our designs and landscape planning is concerned with small and large scale projects.

We embrace garden design with assessment & planning, landscape  engineering and long term management. Our staff will work with you to achieve the vision of what you want your yard to look like so you can enjoy it every day.


Landscape architecture and garden design’s are the most dynamic trend in the industry by the use of Hard Scape materials. These elements consist of pavers, rocks, gravel and other construction materials which are used to improve a hardscape design.

Hardscape design is an elegant and natural way of enhancing your outdoor living space. Our experts here at Virginia Grounds are certified builders who have designed & built many projects with a variety of hardscape elements. One of our hardscape specialists would be glad to show the different types of materials you can choose from for your next hardscape project.

irrigation systems

Irrigation Systems

An irrigation system ensures your lawn and landscape is automatically watered, at the optimal time of day, with just the right amount of water. Pipes and sprinkler heads are installed underground and deliver water to your lawn and landscape based on each zone’s unique needs. An automatic underground irrigation system is your answer to eliminate the demanding task of keeping your lawn and gardens watered and nourished. Our programmed controllers handle all the schedules while you enjoy a beautiful landscape and more free time.

Virginia Grounds is committed to designing and installing underground sprinklers that protect the investment you’ve made in your lawn and landscape by keeping it healthy and vibrant as well as preserving and protecting the environment.

virginia grounds mulchingMulching

We offer a variety of premium mulches to suit your landscaping needs, including Red, Black, and Brown Triple-Shredded Dyed Mulches, Compost Mulch, and Dark Hardwood Shredded Mulch. These dyed mulches have been treated with an all natural coloring which is safe and aids in color retention. Compost mulch is finely ground, and acts as a fertilizer to enrich the soil. Our regular Dark Hardwood Double Shredded Mulch  is a popular choice for those who do not want the finer triple ground dyed mulches.

We supply and deliver premium mulches, as well as other landscaping materials such as stone and topsoil, in Williamsburg, New Kent, James City Country, York County and Newport News.